Dr. George Birkmayer

Professor George Birkmayer, M.D., Ph.D., developer of ENADA and ENADAlet stabilized NADH, was the first to identify the importance of NADH in cellular development and energy transmissions for all bodily functions and organs. He founded Menuco Corporation in 1995 and is a world-renowned biochemical researcher and Medical Director after having studied the biochemical connections with NADH.

Additionally, Dr. George Birkmayer is a Professor at the University of Graz, Austria and head of its Division of Neurochemistry at the Department of Medical Chemistry. He is also visiting professor at the University of Beijing and Canton and Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

NADH was discovered in 1905 and was found to be an essential co-factor or co-partner for all enzymes in the body, and therefore is commonly known as “coenzyme 1.” Since its discovery, more than one thousand different physiological functions of NADH have been detected and extensively described in all biochemistry textbooks. However, NADH was viewed as so unstable—reacting to even small amounts of exposure to heat, light, or humidity—that it could not be used therapeutically. This was the reason that NADH has not been widely discussed before.



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