Co-E1 Products

Co-E1 has two main types of supplements available:

  1. Co-E1 Vitality 5mg and Vitality Plus (with Chlorophyll) 5mg. This enteric coated tablet is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. That is, first thing in the morning, or at least an hour before eating and/or two hours after eating. This is because of their coating, allowing it to move smoothly into the intestine where it is absorbed. These supplements come in 5mg doses. This is the supplement for users who like to take NADH once daily for their health ailments, or for energy boosts.
  2. Co-E1 Performance 10mg and Co-E1 Mojo 20mg  are fast‐acting sublingual tablets and designed for those customers who desire immediate effects. Performance 10mg and Co-E1 Mojo 20mg  caters to demanding and active lifestyles. It has been carefully crafted without the enteric coating, thus can be taken at any time, regardless of when you last ate.

So now you’re probably wondering which supplement is right for you. Well, it depends on what results you are looking for. If you have an active, busy lifestyle and require more energy in less time, then the Performance 10mg and Co-E1 Mojo 20mg tablets are most likely best for you.

  • Performance 10mg is for people who desire quick energy, but aren’t doing anything extreme, such as intense physical exertion. These are best for the everyday person with everyday tasks at hand.
  • Co-E1 Mojo 20mg is for those that exert a lot of physical effort or are in need of constant energy throughout the day. This may be a triathlete before and during his or her race, or an executive with days full of meetings and negotiations.

Simply put, the 20mg is just more intense than the 10mg, so based on the amount of energy you need, you can decide which supplement is right for you. If you are taking  Co-E1 supplements for health purposes, the 5mg tablets are for you. These ones are taken daily, in the morning, and have a slower effect as they are dissolved in the lower intestine.

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