Are you a busy mom on your fourth cup of coffee and it’s only 9am? Trying to find the emotional and physical energy to get through your hectic schedule ahead? Look no further,  Performance is designed to improve mental, emotional and physical fitness. NADH is pure natural energy! Unlike coffee and other energy drinks, NADH does not contain sugar or stimulants that may lead to addiction, a mid-day energy crash, or jitters. Performance  works by enhancing energy levels, stimulates dopamine production, maintains homeostasis, and improves mental acuity.

NADH is also a mom’s favorite because of it’s anti-aging properties! Aging is loss of energy. When cellular energy declines below a certain threshold, cells in our bodies begin to slowly deteriorate and tissue begins to degenerate. Research reveals that a lack of cellular energy may accelerate the aging process. Conversely, if the cell is producing adequate energy, it can continue to perform all of its processes more efficiently and properly function.

Performance  helps busy parents tackle that to-do list with a sharper mind, optimal effectiveness, increased energy, and end the day with a good nights sleep!

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