ENADA 10X is the quick acting, fast dissolving lozenge form of  NADH that gives athletes the performing levels and endurance their bodies require. NADH is the chemical that jumpstarts the production of ATP (cellular energy) in muscles. Therefore the more NADH a cell has available, the more energy it can produce, function, and live longer.

Even highly conditioned athletes have a measurable NADH deficit. Research conducted by ENADA and colleagues on competitive athletes indicate that NADH enhances work capacity, reaction times, physical performance, and performance quality. After taking ENADA NADH  athletes may experience significantly less scattering of reaction times and an increase in oxygen capacity. ENADA 10X works by increasing  ATP levels, strengthens mental and physical fitness, and supplies instant energy for the body and brain.

Athletes can customize the amount of NADH they take by tailoring dosage level to suit their overall health or training needs. Enada 20mg is designed for high-performing athletes who require greater energy levels. ENADA 10X is perfect for workouts and normal weekend-type athletics.

Finish that last mile of your morning jog with a boost from ENADA 10X !

Watch how athletes benefit from ENADA NADH.

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