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Co-E1 Mojo 20mg is best for those that exert a lot of physical effort or are in need of constant energy throughout the day. This may be a tri-athlete before and during his or her race, an executive with days constantly full of meetings and negotiations, or the extreme gamer that needs quick thinking, faster reaction times, and focus. Our Mojo formula allows for Co-E1® to be absorbed straight to the blood system and can be taken anytime, as needed.  For best results, take one lozenge and place under tongue until fully dissolved for approximately 1 minute, do not chew, and limit swallowing.

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Co-E1  Vitality Plus 5mg  is the supplement for users who prefer to take NADH daily more so for their health ailments than for energy boosts.  It's everything you like about the Vitality 5mg plus more!  It is formulated with a boost of Chlorophyll, nature’s original blood detoxifier. Chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties!

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