Co-E1 Science – Natural EnergyIf you could take a natural substance that occurs in every single cell to increase your overall energy, would you?

If you could take a natural substance that boosts the immune system and protect your cells from damage, would you?

If you could take a natural substance that enhances your cognitive capability and improve memory, would you?

Good News: You can! There is a natural biological substance that offers all of these benefits: NADH. After 20 years Co-E1 still carries the world’s first and only form of NADH that is food grade, stabilized and protected by world patents. A combination of internal case studies as well as case studies done by independent laboratories has been done since the inception of a stabilized, absorbable form was patented.   Since then numerous case studies involving NADH and a placebo have been done to find results with energy, jet lag, and more, including a worldwide patent pending for Anti Aging.

Why is NADH important?

NADH is biologically ranked and identified as coenzyme 1, the coenzyme or cofactor needed for numerous enzymes that are involved in the cellular energy production. A deficiency of NADH will result in an energy deficit at the cellular level, which causes symptoms of fatigue. When the body is deficient in NADH, it is kind of like a car that has run out of gasoline. The more NADH a cell has available, the more energy it can produce. Unfortunately, the production of NADH in our bodies declines as we age, and so does the production of NADH-dependent enzymes, particularly those enzymes involved with energy production.

Research suggests that NADH can be taken safely for long periods of time. Many people have been taking NADH for several years with no side effects reported. The body is in a continuous state of refueling itself with cellular energy and NADH is a very efficient cellular energizer. So, the more NADH the body has available, the more the body will use to produce more energy. If you are taking NADH therapeutically, continuous daily usage is recommended. However, it is always best to check with your healthcare provider to help monitor long‐term usage of any supplement.

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