What is chlorophyll?

The green pigment in plants that is responsible for color, growth, and respiration is known as chlorophyll. Co-E1 Vitality plus 5mg is a enteric coated tablet which  contains chlorophyll. After much research it has been discovered that chlorophyll has rich benefits for humans as well! Chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties! It helps fight infection while keeping the circulatory system in tip-top shape! Chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer, keeping your breath and body odor always smelling fresh, in addition to assisting in cell regeneration! This miracle element also provides mental clarity and physical energy by increasing the rate of oxygen to cells. Together chlorophyll and NADH make a superhero natural pure vitamin supplement.

Which Co-E1 product is best for me?

Generally, Vitality 5mg and Vitality Plus 5mg are suggested for individuals with low energy health problems more so than an energy boost. Performance 10mg and Mojo 20mg are suggested for individuals with high activity levels and demanding lifestyles such as athletes, students, and busy working people.

What foods are natural sources of NADH?

Animal protein sources-meat, poultry, and fish-contain the highest amount of NADH. Vegetables, fruits, and other vegetarian food have a much lower NADH content. Vegetarians, therefore, receive little NADH from their diets and should consider supplementing with Co-E1 NADH.

How soon should I expect to see results with NADH?

This varies. Each individual has a very unique biochemistry. Our bodies absorb food and nutrients differently, and our metabolisms often differ in dramatic ways. On average, optimal effectiveness with Vitality 5mg is shown in 1-3 weeks of continuous usage. However, many healthy individuals report an improvement in within five to ten days. Performance 10mg and Mojo 20mg are fast acting and if taken properly should boost energy levels within minutes of taking.

Will I stay up all night if I take NADH?

Co-E1 will help boost performance for 3-5 hours when taken before activities. It is advised that it is not taken before bed unless the desired effect is to have increased energy during the night. It is important to note that Co-E1 NADH is not a stimulant and does not contain any sugar, therefore individuals taking Co-E1 NADH will not experience jitters, shakes, or ‘wired’ effects.




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