Jet Lag

Don’t let jet lag ruin your vacation plans! Crossing time zones leave many disoriented and fatigue. If the stuffy flight didn’t leave you with a stuffy nose and sore throat, it may have caused a lack of motivation and unusual sleep patterns. Performance is a ‘MUST HAVE’ when traveling. NADH  significantly reduces jet lag-induced disruptions of cognitive functioning. Because NADH increases cellular production of ATP and facilitates dopamine synthesis, it may counteract the effects of jet lag on brain performance, mood, and sleepiness while boosting the immune system. NADH maintains homeostasis and aids in returning you to your built-in circadian rhythms. Research reveals that individuals who received NADH after an overnight flight across time zones performed significantly better on 5 of 8 cognitive and psychomotor tests and experienced less sleepiness than those on the same who did not receive NADH. Take a look at the science behind this case by clicking here.

As you pack your carry-on for your next trip, stock up on Performance!

Watch NBC’s special report on  jet lag and NADH.

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